I am your Goddess and Kinky Therapist.

Everything comes from my blood and soul.

I started my career at a BDSM theatre in Japan.

I am purely Japanese , born /raised and graduated art university in Kyoto, Japan. 

Currently working in Berlin as an Audio/ Visual Artist.

BDSM sessions are a sensual art for me.

I love BDSM sessions because It is possible to discover

New ideas , Passion, Meditation, and Energy.

I am very attracted to the BDSM relationship

that can build trust and mutual growth.

I think that Everything must be Creative.

My session can totally make it possible to free your mind.

I will make a special training for each submissive.

Do not worry, I will respect your taboos.

I would love to tie up people so much,

You will be my dog, toy, toilet, maid, furniture

and Forever slave till you Die.

I have specific Japanese bondage skills , which are called SHIBARI and KINBAKU.

That is a Japanese word for ‘to bind’ or ‘to tie up’ and a Japanese style of bondage using complex

and sumptuous patterns,

also I combine a lot of toys, wax, whips, and secret custom made pleasure items.

I would love to make a kinky human swing like a merry go round by bondage ,

which will be my nice couch.

Also I would love to research your body.

You will absolutely fall into never ending deep pleasure.

First you should be on your knees in front of me.

I will guide you through a secret fantasy.

You will perfectly be my submissive.


English, a little bit German, Japanese 


Nationality: Japan

Live in Berlin Germany

Im a one and only Japanese Dominatrix in Germany. 

Size: 170cm ( natural size)

normally I wear 15cm—20cm heels…so between 185cm—190cm


long black hair till my Hip


black/dark brown 

Weight: 57kg

Shoe size: 37/38( depends on the brand…)


NO I don’t have anything ….I love my natural skin.

Star sign: 





Japanese/ French/ Italian/ Korean


normally I do not drink alcohol but only special day…

I drink Champagne!!! 


Oh…I can’t count which one is the best..

Dior/Chanel/Gucci/ Armani….