Japanese hanging and restrains /objectification,

One of the most my favourite play. I have lots of skills and experiences .

There is so many different styles. highly recommended to have long session.

So much effective of deep meditation/ Free mind also wellness of body and mind.

NO Pain Pleasure research/ Beginners  

Do not worry. NO pain. Only pleasure session for beginners. 

Anal and Urethra Pleasure research /expansion/ 

It is also one of my favourite session. 

I have lots of Japanese toys for beginners too. 

Human Toilet 

You will be my Toilet .Scat/ Golden shower/ etc

Scat is only morning till 11:00am.

Goldenshower is available a lot anytime.

Foot worship 

Admire my beautiful foot . Clean up my high heels/ boots.

I love to get nice massage. 

Sissy Education

 Make up, Dress up, and  Be My Bitch.

Latex /Leather session.

I Love leather / Latex. Time for shiny up.


Japanese bondage hanging and restraints

No Pain session


Anus play and expanding

Nipple torture

Scatology session

Lust & pain

Whips and cane torture session soft to hard

Tease & denial

Discipline classic to bizarre

Role play

Rubber sessions

Fur fetish

Shaving play

Pet Play

Forced use, objectification, enslavement

Golden shower

Breath control

Mask training

Cage housing, imprisonment


Overnight sessions

Face slapping



Needle play


Cutting by knife


Verbal humiliation and dominance

Electrical play

Wax play


Foot and shoe eroticism



Cross dressing

Further by agreement


Intimate body contact 




Session booking


How long and mainly which city?

Session possible from 1 hour.

I prefer to have long session. 

You must book session at least 24 hours more before. 

Im not waiting in the studio. if you want to serve me great way , 

would be nice to book long session. mainly I live in Berlin. 

I would love to visit your city too.

Traveling costs + Hotel/Studio + Session 

How to book?

Unexpectedly people wants to have session .

They call me 1 hour before or something…

 unfortunately it is not possible. Im not waiting in the studio..

It is mean,You must book session at least 24 hours more before. 

Beginners are welcome?

For sure , please don’t worry.  

I will research your body and mind. I respect your taboos.

Also possible to have no-pain session as well.

There is lots of different fetish in the world. What is the fit for you 

I will find.

How to book Japanese Bondage hanging session ?

Most of my guests wants to fly by Japanese bondage hanging.

If you want to have JAPANESE BONDAGE hanging session

I will take from Minimum 2 hours. If you really well trained it is possible to hang in few minutes… 

 normally people impossible to have hanging session pretty often in Europe. 

I will explain why need more time for beginners….

Deposit required ?

Yes. I need deposit for session ,when you decide the date and time. 

If you are over 15 mins late with no contact, I will assume 

you are a no-show and the session will be terminated with your deposit withheld.

This deposit/Tribute is non refundable. 

If you cancel your session , you will lose your deposit.

 If you do need to reschedule your appointment, 

you must contact me at least 3 weeks in advance and the deposit can be applied to that rescheduled session. 

Time schedule ?

You must come to studio on time or

5 minutes early to ensure play begins on time. 

check it out my profile then tell me what kind of play possible or not. 

We will talk before session in the studio. 

You want me to visit your City?

Apply via E-Mail

Traveling costs + Hotel + Session 

*Everything must be Creative *

I love BDSM session because 

It is possible to discover

New Idea , Passion, and Energy.

*Life is Bliss*

You will perfectly be my submissive.